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Ok, So when it comes to Essential Oils, quality matters! That is very important!I don’t recommend to buy essential oils from anywhere...because you don’t know what’s really in them….. It can be as bad as candles…I used to get cheap essential oils from Amazon, Target, Walmart, TJMaxx, etc… I didn’t know quality matters…I thought all the essential oils are same…..Nope! Even when a package or bottle ...

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Candy Shop

Kids love a candy shop 🍬🍫🍭キャンディショップが大好きな子供たち🍬🍫🍭...


It doesn’t matter if you buy organic produce or not. Wash them✨Noah and Emma are picky eater but they eat a lots of fruits, so I have all the kinds of fruits in our house. This Thieves Fruits & Veggie Soak safely and effectively cleans produce, without leaving behind any residue or affecting the taste!How to use:1 ounce (2 tablespoons) for every gallon of water. Completely cover produce and soak f...


Emma is our little artist 👩🏻‍🎨 Love seeing her sitting at her desk and focus on drawing and coloring❤️ エマは我が家のアーティスト。自分の机の向かって集中してお絵描きや色ぬりをしてる姿はかわいい❤️...

Young Living : ヤングリヴィング

When I found Young Living, was I skeptical? YES!Probably you too.I have been using essential oils and diffuser (Not Young Living one) for a long time, but one day my oils that I got from Amazon ran out… So I was on a hunt for essential oils.And I found out about Young Living. I never heard of this company before, so I did A LOT of research!!*Young Living is a leader in Essential Oils and has been...